Ravillen d'Drakuno



Family and Childhood

Ravillen was born in mid-Leafell in 925 7E. Her father, a prominent member of the dragon community, fell in love with a travelling changeling merchant in the early years of 7E. They settled in Drogora‘s capitol city and lived there for centuries before having a single child – Ravillen. Ravillen grew and learned quickly; by age 10 she could speak and write fluently in five languages and was incredibly skilled in the art of diplomacy. As she grew older, she used her supernatural intelligence to help better her community and the communities around her. She founded Drogora’s first public school at the age of 23, and began construction and planning on 15 more over the next year. Since she was able to speak she made it her mission to speak out for those who were silenced, bullied, and oppressed.


In her mid 40s, Ravillen began to travel not only around Drogora but also around other realms. Her realm of choice was Miryzeen. After the mostly peaceful Drogora, the civil unrest and prejudices of Miryzeen struck her hard. She spent her time helping the helpless and those who needed to be protected. The next 500 years she spent policing cities. Over the course of a century, she would take a crime-ridden, politically-corrupt, heap of a city and turn it into a pleasant place to live. Then she would pick a new city and repeat the process. Around the age of 550, as she was travelling to a new city, she came across a church city of Kord being attacked by a group of drow. Upon entering the city, she saw hundreds of bodies strewn across the town. The remaining drow force – around 30 of them – were doing all they could to get inside of the barricaded church. Ravillen single-handedly destroyed all of the attacking drow. Upon opening the church doors afterwards, she found over a hundred children and a handful of clerics of Kord. That night, Kord himself travelled to the material plane to visit Ravillen and bestow upon her an enchanted greatsword. Over the next 75 years, and similar heroic acts, she gained the favor of many different gods. Not too long after her 625th birthday, she was called to the Celestial plane and offered a chance to follow the path to godhood.

The Drow War

Ravillen stayed on the Celestial plane for 50 years, and when she returned in the year 1600 7E she found the world a very different place than when she left it. She found Miryzeen, her second home, utterly destroyed. She travelled to the newly formed Zerata and helped the two founding families in Mephecite to establish security and order, and helped to train many men into the highly organized Zerata Militia.

The Present

Two decades ago the crime rate began to slowly increase across Zerata. 15 years ago, Ravillen began to hear rumblings that Na├»lo may still be alive, and may be planning another attack. She joined forces with IBI and the BFA and began travelling through the destroyed Miryzeen and its Underdark looking for any information she could find. With IBI’s permission, she has set up a task force to help investigate and solve the persistent problems in Zerata.

Ravillen d'Drakuno

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