Drow War

The Drow War

Upon receiving news that her siblings had not only been resurrected, but also had sworn vengeance upon her and discovered her location in Miryzeen, Naïlo felt it was time to begin her annihilation of the surface. As soon as darkness fell on 1568 7E L1-8, Naïlo’s army began its attack. The first wave contained the majority of the illithid population. Small groups of them snuck into villages and outlying towns and decimated the populations within while they were sleeping. In the larger cities, the illithids served as the vanguard and took out many of the guards to allow the other denizens of the underdark to swarm in. As dawn broke on L1-9, the war began in earnest. Every citizen of the surface pitted him/herself against the denizens of the underdark. The drow collapsed many of their tunnels under surface cities, taking entire populations with them. By midday, both sides had lost half of their numbers. While the underdark had only about 7% of the surface’s numbers, the illithids on their side easily made up for that difference Very few people on the surface had dealt with illithids before, and therefore there was no defense against their psionic attacks.

Around mid-afternoon, Miryzeen’s capital city Azuretal fell. Immediately after, the drow army receded back to the underdark. Within an hour of the drow retreat, Naïlo’s siblings arrived in Miryzeen to find nothing but destruction and chaos. They did all they could to comfort everyone they came across while searching for Naïlo. As it grew closer to sunset, they began to notice a heavy aura of evil magic hanging over the realm. By the time the sun went down the aura had become so stifling it was difficult to breathe. At full dark, Naïlo and her armies returned to the surface. Two of Naïlo’s siblings attempted to attack and were slain almost immediately.


There is no record of what exactly happened next. The few survivors, who had already fled to the coasts of Miryzeen, reported seeing huge explosions hundreds of miles away. In the words of one observer “It looked like everything was simply pushed from a central point outwards.” IBI archivists believe this was a combination of arcane spells and abilities including Locate City, Flash Frost, Born of Three Thunders, and Explosive Spell. 14 blast areas targeted by these spells have been located by IBI dragon archivists, the smallest with a radius of 80 miles and the largest with 200 miles. 3 additional suspected blast areas have also been identified, but rather than everything in the spell’s radius being shredded it seems the entire population in the area has turned into wights.

The tremors from this excessive use of magic also set off every single fire mountain in the realm simultaneously. To this day (1725 7E G2-18 at time of writing) there are still craters and fire mountains oozing molten rock, and there seems to be a permanent cloud of ash over almost the entire realm.

Drow War

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