Welcome to the main headquarters of the Inter-Realm Bureau of Investigation. My name is Ravillen d’Drakuno and I’m currently in charge of this task force combining the efforts of both IBI and the Bureau of Foreign Affairs. As you may or may not know, this day marks the 200th anniversary of the Drow War and the decimation of the entirety of Miryzeen. After that day, we had assumed nothing and no one in the blast zones had survived, but recent intelligence suggests that Na├»lo may have somehow lived through it. We have evidence of small amounts of activity in the tiny enduring drow communities, but nothing conclusive.

What’s more concerning is the recent outbreak of crime in Zerata, my current home realm. Over the past decade or two, the crime rate has drastically increased. What’s disturbing about this is the victims’ descriptions of the perpetrators. In some cases, victims described strange ghost-like or skeletal creatures, true skeletons, zombies, and other undead. In others, victims reported being attacked by lycanthropic goblins, “flying octopus-things,” mutated chickens, and many other types of monstrous creatures never before seen in Zerata. Yet other reports include victims being attacked by mirror images of themselves, or by debris in the corner in their homes, or even by their cloak.

The cave systems in some areas are slowly growing and from preliminary investigations seem to be showing signs of habitation. We also have reports of multiple small towns being terrorized by groups of wandering monsters.

Unfortunately, the Zerata Militia is unable to handle the recent influx of protection requests, and there are not nearly enough trained civilian personnel. Other realms, including Drogora, have sent what help they can, but much of their resources are being spent protecting their own people.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to travel through Zerata to see what you can learn and to help out where you can. You will be official representatives of the IBI/BFA task force, and will have the proper jurisdiction to handle situations as you see fit. You will travel along the Eastern Road, and we will regroup at Mephecite to discuss what course of action to take.

If you choose to accept, you will be supplied with a military-grade backpack, bedroll, and 2 waterskins, as well as a week’s worth of rations. Beyond that, you will be permitted to use our personnel store to purchase any gear at standard prices. Our resident enchanter has also agreed to donate his time to enchant one item for each of you.

Choose wisely; your success or failure could mean the life or death of all of Zerata.

Meta-Game Information

Allowed races:
Dwarf (PHB p14)
Gnome (PHB p17)
Half-elf (PHB p18)
Halfling (PHB p20)
Human (PHB p13)
Elf (PHB p16)
Kobold* (Races of the Dragon p39)
Dragonborn** (Races of the Dragon p8-10, base race of elf)
Mongrelfolk (Races of Destiny p99-100, elf ancestry)
Spellscale (Races of the Dragon p23)

>*Note: I allow Light Adaptation as a feat option. This feat negates Light Blindness.
>**Note: Keep in mind Dragonborn lose all racial traits of the original
race, including bonus feats, skill bonuses, attack bonuses, save bonuses, spell-like abilities, and so forth. They still keep things like ability modifiers. Click the Dragonborn link to see what bonuses a Dragonborn Elf receives.

Abilities will be set based on the Point-buy System. For this campaign we will be using the 32 point system. 19 will be the highest beginning score I allow (after adjustments for racial bonuses). So if your race gives you a +2 to Dex, don’t spend points to get it higher than 17. Health is maximized in this campaign (i.e. if you have d8 health you add 8 + CON to your HP each level).

Classes and items will be chosen from the Players Handbook (PHB). If there is a class you would like to play that isn’t in the PHB, talk to me and I might make an exception. There are a few exceptions for items listed here.

All items, including weapons and armor, must be bought. Starting gold will be your class’s maximum starting gold + 30gp.

Deities and cleric domains can be chosen from any book BUT if it is from a book other than the PHB please check with me first.

Players will have +1 enchantment to assign to either armor or weapons. Available enchantments are as follows.

Armor: Glamered (armor appears as regular robes), Slick ( +5 on Escape Artist checks), Shadow ( +5 on Hide checks), Silent Moves ( +5 on Move Silently checks)
Shields: Bashing (one dice category higher for bash damage i.e. 1d6 for medium light, 1d8 for medium heavy), Light Fortification (25% chance to negate critical damage or halve sneak attack damage)
Ranged Weapons: Distance (double effective range), Flaming/Frost/Shock ( +1d6 damage), Returning (only on thrown weapons; weapon returns to your hand before next round)
Melee Weapons: Flaming/Frost/Shock ( +1d6 damage), Ghost Touch (ignore miss chance on ethereal creatures), Keen (double threat range; 17-20 is largest allowable range for this campaign)

For any weapon/armor/shield you can instead take a general +1 enhancement. A general +1 gives:

Armor: +1 max dex, 1 less skill check penalty, 10% lower arcane spell failure chance
Shields: 1 less skill check penalty, 10% lower arcane spell failure chance
Weapons: +1 attack/damage

Keep in mind that any enhancement makes the item masterwork. A +1 crossbow, for example, gives +1 atk/dmg. A Distance crossbow gives +1 atk (as a masterwork item) and also applies the Distance feature.

Play will be based on the PHB 3.5. I MAY allow feats or spells from other books. If during the course of the game you would want a spell/feat not from the PHB then ask me. Anything else from any other book, such as weapons armor or other items, will only be introduced into the campaign via treasure or a rare find at a market.


The Realm of Zerata Ravillen