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Character creation info
Please see the Introduction page for your briefing from IBI and character creation info.

Click the Characters tab above then the “Create a new character” button on the top right. If you want to, you can input your entire character sheet into the interactive character sheet available. If not, please include the following things in the character’s bio (you can just copy/paste this list):

Touch AC:
Flat-footed AC:
Ability scores: STR: DEX: CON: INT: WIS: CHA:
Saves: Fort: Ref: Will:
Armor Type: Light, Medium, Heavy

With the above information I can adjust quests and rewards to really fit the group well.


Our story begins in the forested realm of Drogora, which is home to much of the remaining population of the dragons as well as their elven friends, lovers, and associates. Much of the population has at least some small trace of dragonblood. Those whose ancestries do not intertwine with dragons’ are part of the fairly small percentage of immigrants. As able members of the populace, you have been asked by the Inter-realm Bureau of Investigation (IBI) to help investigate and resolve what may be a worldwide crisis. Of course failure could mean the destruction or enslavement of the entire world. But no pressure. Are there any bad enough dudes to save the world from certain impending doom?

Please see the Introduction page for your briefing from IBI.

A note about times and dates

The Realm of Zerata

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