The Queendom of Drogora

Population and Statistics

Drogora consists of 15 districts as defined by the Drogora IBI Sub-bureau.

Realm Foundations

Drogora was officially founded during the year 1E 13, though the dragons had occupied the territory for many millennia before this. Dragons originated from this land, and are widely recognized as the first intelligent life forms in the world. Over time, and as they travelled to other inhabited lands, they began bringing their consorts home with them – elves being their usual choice. By the middle of the first era there was a sizeable elven population. Around 1E 800, the elves began to organize themselves into a society. They chose a newly twilit dragon, Sventlevethix, to be their maekrix, or leader. She was more than happy to help the elves turn her former hunting grounds into farmland, and to help transport supplies so the elves could build their tree villages. She had also adopted an elven guise. At the turn of the next era, the population had grown to almost 600,000. At this point, the majority of the humanoid population consisted of elves, dragonborn elves, half-dragon elves, and spellscales.

Realm Development

Sventlevethix’s first order of business was to choose a council of advisors from among the elven population. She chose advisors that were a good representation of the people. As time went on, real estate development stagnated. The denizens of Drogora made every effort to conserve their land’s natural beauty, and as such built structures that were as unobtrusive as possible. To the untrained eye, Drogora still looks almost completely uninhabited to this day. The only giveaway is the sight of a farm field or ranch near the tree villages.

The Queendom

Drogora remains a matriarchal society led by its Queen. In order to be considered to be an heir, a dragon must be in her twilight years. When a new Queen ascends, she chooses 2-3 heirs to take her place when she is gone. These heirs must be approved by the council of advisors, and the list of heirs is to be reviewed each decade. The heirs generally spend at least 1 season each year with the Queen, learning how to run the country. Upon the Queen’s death, the first heir is offered the position. If accepted, she is examined by the council, and rules for 1 year. If after that year, the council still approves of the heir, a coronation ceremony is held where she is officially crowned.

As the population grew, Drogora’s second Queen introduced a parliament in addition to slightly expanding the size of her council of advisors. The parliament’s job was to represent the lay people of the land to ensure they had a voice in their government. Another role of parliament was to dethrone the current Queen if it became necessary – though in all of Drogora’s history this has never been necessary. While the Queen’s council of advisors is mainly made up of subject-matter experts (on things like warfare, tactics, trade, education, etc.), parliament is made up of representatives from each settlement in Drogora. Representatives must be representative of their population (for example, a village that is 75% farmers must provide a farmer as their representative). Every 2 years a new representative for each settlement is chosen, to keep fresh opinions in the parliament (each 6 months, 25% of parliament is replaced with its new representatives).


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