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Enchanting services

Players can pick 1 enchantment from the below list to assign to either armor or a weapon (that you’ve already purchased with gold).

Armor: Glamered (armor appears as regular robes), Slick ( +4 on checks to escape a grasp/bonds), Shadow ( +4 on Stealth checks to avoid being seen), Silent Moves ( +4 on Stealth checks to avoid being heard)

Shields: Bashing (one dice category higher for bash damage), Light Fortification (25% chance to negate critical damage or halve sneak attack damage)

Ranged Weapons: Distance (double effective range), Flaming/Frost/Shock ( +1d6 damage, not doubled on a crit), Ghost Touch (only on thrown weapons; ignore miss chance on ethereal creatures), Returning (only on thrown weapons; weapon returns to your hand before next round)

Melee Weapons: Flaming/Frost/Shock ( +1d6 damage, not doubled on a crit), Ghost Touch (ignore miss chance on ethereal creatures), Keen (19 is also a crit, as long as the roll total beats target’s AC), Moon-touched (swords only; unsheathed blade casts 15’ radius bright light, additional 15’ dim light)

Masterwork item: For any weapon/armor/shield you can instead have it upgraded to masterwork. A general +1 masterwork bonus gives:

  • Armor: negate Disadvantage on stealth checks
  • Shields: +2 hardness, +10 to shield’s HP
  • Weapons: +1 attack, +1damage

Basic equipment

As denoted in the Equipment chapter of the PHB.

Enhanced equipment

(Remember, armor and weapons for small creatures weigh half as much for medium. Medium weights are listed below)


  • Battle Cloak – +1 AC, 1 lb, 5gp (occupies shield slot)
  • Chitin Armor – Light, +2 AC, +7 max Dex, 10 lb, 20gp
  • Shield, gauntlet – +2 AC, Stealth disadvantage, 20 lb, 50gp


  • Hammer, throwing – Martial Ranged (Simple Ranged for Dwarves), 1d6 dmg (1d4 small), range 20/40, 2lb, bludgeoning, 5gp
  • Staff of Birdcalls – as quarterstaff, 20gp
  • Staff of Flowers – as quarterstaff, 20gp


  • Bead of Nourishment – 1gp, weight 1/4 lb
  • Candle of the Deep – 1gp, weight —
  • Cloak of Billowing – 5gp, weight 1 lb
  • Enduring Spellbook – 75gp, weight 3 lb
  • Pipe of Smoke Monsters – 5gp, weight 1/4 lb
  • Rope, Earthsilk 50 ft – 12gp, weight 6 lb
  • Sundark Goggles – 10gp, weight 1 lb

Battle Cloak: This shield is not a shield in the typical sense, but rather a special cloak that can be used to foil an opponent’s attacks. You cannot use a battle cloak to make a shield bash attack, but a user can use it to make a disarm attempt. When using a battle cloak, you gain a +4 bonus on opposed attack rolls made to disarm an enemy (including the roll to avoid being disarmed if such an attempt fails). When used in combat, a battlecloak occupies a hand just as a light shield does, allowing you to carry other items in that hand but not wield a weapon with it. Battlecloaks are retrieved and readied just like other shields. Does not inhibit spellcasters; can be used by any class without armor feats.

Bead of Nourishment: This spongy, flavorless, gelatinous bead dissolves on your tongue and provides as much nourishment as 1 day of rations.

Candle of the Deep: The flame of this candle is not extinguished when submerged in water. It gives off light and heat like a normal candle.

Chitin Armor: This armor, created from the chitin of large beetles, consists of a few chitin plates protecting the shoulders, head, and abdomen, supplemented by bone at the forearm and shin.

Cloak of Billowing: While wearing this cloak, you can use a bonus action to make it billow dramatically.

Enduring Spellbook: This spellbook, a long with anything written on its pages, can’t be damaged by fire or immersion in water. In addition, the spellbook doesn’t deteriorate with age.

Hammer, Throwing: A- light hammer that has been carefully balanced for throwing, the throwing hammer is a favorite weapon of dwarf rangers. This weapon counts as a simple ranged weapon for Dwarves; it is exotic for all other races.

Pipe of Smoke Monsters: While smoking this pipe, you can use an action to exhale a puff of smoke that takes the form of a single creature, such as a dragon, a Rumph, or a froghemoth. The form must be small enough to fit in a 1-foot cube and loses its shape after a few seconds, becoming an ordinary puff of smoke.

Rope, Earthsilk: In addition to being used for clothing, earthsilk fibers can be woven together to form a strong, thin rope that finds common use in many dwarf cities. Earthsilk rope feels similar to silk ropes made in the surface world but is roughly twice as thick, putting it between silk and hempen ropes in bulk and ease of use. It is stronger even than silk rope, however, and can bear heavier loads without breaking. Earthsilk rope has hardness 1, 10 hit points, and can be burst with a DC 26 Strength check.

Shield, Gauntlet: A favorite of divine spellcasters, this exotic shield is a heavy steel shield built with a special bracing gauntlet. The special gauntlet allows you to carry other items in your shield hand (such as material spell components), although you cannot use weapons with it. The shield hand is likewise free to perform somatic spell components.

Staff of Birdcalls: This wooden staff is decorated with bird carvings. It has 10 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 charge from the staff and cause it to create one of the following sounds out to a range of 60 feet: a finch’s chirp, a raven’s caw, a duck’s quack, a chicken’s cluck, a goose’s honk, a loon’s call, a turkey’s gobble, a seagull’s cry, an owl’s hoot, or an eagle’s shriek. The staff regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges daily at
dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff explodes in a harmless cloud of bird feathers and is lost forever. In melee, can be used as a quarterstaff.

Staff of Flowers: This wooden staff has 10 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 charge from the staff and cause a flower to sprout from a patch of earth or soil within 5 feet of you, or from the staff itself. Unless you choose a specific kind of flower, the staff creates a mild scented daisy. The flower is harmless and nonmagical, and it grows/withers as a normal flower would. The staff regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff turns into flower petals and is lost forever. In melee, can be used as a quarterstaff.

Sundark Goggles: The smoked lenses of these goggles block light. They are typically fixed into a band of canvas that clasps together at the back to keep the goggles from falling off. Sundark goggles negate the dazzled condition experienced by a creature with light sensitivity while in bright illumination. As a side effect, they grant the wearer a +2 circumstance bonus on saving throws against gaze attacks. A creature wearing sundark goggles can’t use a gaze attack, since other creatures can’t see its eyes. Creatures without low-light vision or darkvision that wear sundark goggles take a –2 penalty on Perception checks.


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