Mephecite is the capitol of Zerata.


Having seen the shortcomings of Miryzeen’s government, Mephecite’s founding families decided to base their new government on the people. They also thought it prudent to add a system of checks and balances so that no individual or institution had too much power. The Zybyris and Thannith families both governed Mephecite – Zybyris mainly oversaw the flow of items and people out of the city while Thannith oversaw items and people entering the city. Both families shared the responsibilities of running the city.

For governing the rest of the realm, the families set up a republic focused on the needs of the people, with Mephecite as its capitol. Three branches were included in this system – the Legislative Council dealt with creating and revising laws, the Judicial Council dealt with trying and punishing criminals, and the Executive Council organized law enforcement agencies across the realm as well as the Zerata Militia. Laws were enforced locally by the sheriffs and their agents in each town, and by branches of the Zerata Militia in larger cities. The Executive Council also oversaw the groups of volunteers that patrolled all of the main roads.

Underdark relations

While the hatred for denizens of the Underdark has faded in much of the realm, it has disappeared in Mephecite. Life in Mephecite is close to utopian, and historians recognize the role Underdark dwellers played in its founding. Those that fled to Zerata did so near the beginning of the Drow Rebellion, and in many cases used their skills to help other refugees – illithids read minds of those terrified mute to instruct healers on how best to assist them; drow clerics beseeched other gods of the Underdark to grant them healing spells (many of whom were caught by Lolth and cast out, losing their cleric abilities); duergar and dwarves, along with surface-dwelling dwarves, used their skill with stone to raise buildings with unrivaled speed; and many others served as sentries or lent their hands (or tentacles, fins, hooves, etc.) where needed.

Mephecite understands that the Underdark refugees under Zerata are generally neutral in alignment – some even leaning towards good – and acceptance is very slowly spreading throughout the rest of the realm. Currently, Mephecite is the only place outside of Drogora where Underdark denizens can journey to the surface with a guarantee of safe travel without harassment or judgment.


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