The Autocratic Geniocracy of Miryzeen

Population and Statistics

Miryzeen consists of 101 districts as defined by the Miryzeen IBI Sub-bureau.

Realm Foundations

Miryzeen was initially a land under the governance of Halea. The first pilgrims arrived from Drogora in 2E 591, where they settled a few villages near the southeastern coast. Its mother realm Halea allowed the settlers to stay, though the native Haleans were quite disdainful of outsiders. Halea kept strict tabs on the settlers, and few were willing to live under the foreigner restrictions, so Miryzeen stayed sparsely populated for 2 eras. Near the end of the 3rd era, Halea conceded to change and dropped many of their restrictive policies on foreigners – and most importantly, on trade goods from other realms. Over the next 1000 years, Halea’s population explodes. Due to overcrowding, and lingering disdain for outsiders from some natives, many set off for the shores of Miryzeen beginning in 4E 438. They were joined by pilgrims from Shiran who were seeking refuge from the highly-segregated Shiranian racial caste system.

A little over a decade later, the increased settlement of Miryzeen led to its eastern islands becoming hotspots for trade. Even with high taxes still being sent back to Halea, Miryzeenians earned plenty of gold to support further development of the land. The population spread inwards as roads were paved, forests responsibly razed, and building materials became more affordable. By the end of the 4th era, Miryzeenians were pushing back hard against Halean rule.

These tensions grow throughout the first century of the 5th area, and in 3E 138 Miryzeen declares war on Halea to fight for its freedom to be recognized as a realm in its own right. For 3 long years the war was fought before Halea conceded.

Shortly after the war was won, construction was started on a new capitol by the Miryzeenian Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters were the group in charge of planning and coordinated the rebellion, and they found strength in the diversity of races present in their group. Their victory was in large part due to the drow and other denizens of the Underdark – the Miryzeenian Freedom Fighters were the first to give Underdark dwellers equal rights and treatment to surface dwellers.

The Freedom Fighters built on this to create a new community that focused on the needs of the people and was more racially tolerant. It was agreed that the Freedom Fighters’ leader would rule as Supreme Leader while the rest of the group would form the new government. Over the next two decades, word spread throughout Halea and Shiran and many flocked to Miryzeen. The largest percentage of immigrants consisted of drow and other denizens of the Underdark as the newly-founded Miryzeen was the only realm outside Drogora that did not kill or torture drow for sport.

Realm Development

A large portion of the initial immigrants were engineers, architects, builders, and other intellectuals. As such, city plans and buildings were not only extremely efficient but also able to withstand most disasters (both natural and magical) right from the beginning. The builders who settled in the capitol district were the first to build buildings with more than 5 stories, and soon after districts were competing to build the tallest and sturdiest buildings. Roads were another main focus for Miryzeen’s new inhabitants. All roads were carefully paved with the help of various magic users. Roads were made from the best quality stone and enchanted to repair and upkeep themselves. Within half an era of its inception, Miryzeen boasted a population of almost 40 million, including almost three million denizens living underground.


For a little over two eras Miryzeen grew peacefully. But as the population grew, racial tensions grew as well. Many immigrants carried with them the racial prejudices of their home regions. The most common of these prejudices were against the drow. Initially, surface dwellers began verbally harassing drow visiting the surface, but this quickly declined into the same physical abuses practiced elsewhere in the world. In retaliation, drow ceased all trade between the surface and the Underdark. As things got worse, drow began executing any surface dwellers found in the Underdark. Drow began to create raiding parties to visit the surface for random killings, and all drow were expected to participate. Those who refused were executed. Some Underdark denizens fled to the sparsely-settled Zerata to avoid execution, and those that could bear living on the surface were welcomed in Drogora. Small groups of surface dwellers fled to the southeastern or northeastern tips of the realm where there was little conflict.

IBI Addendum
On 7E 1529 L1-9 the entire realm was decimated by Naïlo and other leaders in the Drow War. See preceding link for more information. Currently, the surface is completely uninhabitable. There are still small communities of drow living in what is left of Miryzeen’s underdark, but their total population is estimated to be under 3,000.


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