The Peoples’ Republic of Zerata

Population and Statistics

Zerata consists of 10 districts as defined by the Zerata IBI sub-bureau.

  • Total Population: 2,267, 438
  • Avg. District Pop.: 226,744

Racial distribution has not yet been gathered by IBI archivists for this realm due to the archival backlog resulting from the Drow War. Preliminary data suggests distributions will mirror those of Miryzeen, though the Underdark population is close to non-existant.

Realm Foundation

Zerata sprung up in the wake of Miryzeen’s destruction. Through much of history, Zerata remained widely unsettled due to its dense forests, and a plethora of land available elsewhere meant it wasn’t worth the cost to clear land. As the Drow Rebellion gathered steam, people flocked to the northern Zeratan coasts to flee the problem areas. Some of the wealthier citizens acquired ships and brought as many people as possible south across the Ulfgar Sea to land in current-day Mephecite. The city grew quickly, aided by the rapid influx of people and the combined expertise of some of Miryzeen’s finest builders and engineers. As virtually all of the population had fled from Miryzeen, Zerata was built on the principle of racial tolerance – with one exception: drow and other creatures of the Underdark were not allowed to step foot on Zeratan soil. Underdark denizens who had taken refuge in the tunnels below Zerata were given an ultimatum: stay under the surface or die. (IBI archivist note: this attitude has lessened drastically over the last 200 years; though the hatred has mostly faded, Underdark dwellers are generally treated with distrust and suspicion.

Founding Families

The two main families that aided in the migration of people from Miryzeen to Zerata were the same two families that founded Mephecite. The Thannith family, consisting of mainly master builders and engineers, designed much of the city. The Zybyris family, consisting mainly of masters of agriculture and transportation, helped start farms and ranches and began building Zerata’s road system.

Realm Development

By the end of the Drow Rebellion, Mephecite was a fortress town. Large siege walls surrounded the city, all buildings were made from magically reinforced stone, and even the port had fortifications built around it. Throughout the Rebellion and resultant war the two founding families had been sending envoys to circle Miryzeen looking for refugees on the coasts. After the Drow War, these envoys continued for over a year to look for survivors.

The founding families set up a republic government focused on the needs of the people, led by by the people, with Mephecite as its capitol. Three branches were included in this system – the Legislative Council dealt with creating and revising laws, the Judicial Council dealt with trying and punishing criminals, and the Executive Council organized law enforcement agencies across the realm as well as the Zerata Militia. Laws were enforced locally by the sheriffs and their deputies in each town, and by branches of the Zerata Militia in larger cities, roads, and unsettled areas. The Executive Council also oversaw the groups of volunteers that patrolled all of the main roads.

Roads began to spiderweb across the realm. Paved roads were woven with magic that would repair any damage to them to eliminate the need for constant upkeep. These magic-infused roads also allowed for easier travel – horseshoes, wagons, and most recently humanoid boots have been designed to increase travel speed while on the roads by as much as 100% (depending on the skill of the traveler, the strength of the shoe’s/cart’s enchantment, and the size of the road). As new roads were built, civilization began to spread, especially along the eastern coast.

Places of Interest

See Mephecite.


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